Amy Jacques Garvey Institute: The only true Grassroots, Youth-Focused Garvey-ite Organization in Washington DC.

Amy Jacques Garvey Institute

The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute is an 501(C) (3) Charitable organization providing educational, cultural, social, and training, services, programs, and activities primarily for, but not limited to, the residents and youth of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC). The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute (AJG) is named after the wife of the late Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Founder of the UNIA-ACL (Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. These events take place for the purposes of establishing fellowship amongst the youth through cultural enrichment, workplace skills development, and exposure to real-life educational environments, guest speakers in various professions, volunteer opportunities, and community service. For over 20 years the Amy Jacques Garvey Institute has been quietly providing youth and adults with educational opportunities, job training, self-empowerment and financial workshops, placement assistance, social, economic and cultural programs and activities which focus on relieving suffering caused by poverty, disaster, long term sickness, and other human ills.

The mission of the Amy Jacques Garvey Institute is to educate, motivate, develop, inform, train and teach youth to become healthy enterprising citizens with moral enterprising citizens with healthy relationships. We have staff and volunteers. We have been serving 45 youth 33 of whom are in high school and 12 of them are in college or the workforce. AJG provides the youth with daily tutoring, life skills workshops, and leadership development training, as well as career development, daily life problem solving, as well as academic, and family support services. This is the most rewarding thing of all because we are able to utilize all our experiences and passions in serving the youth and their families in the District of Columbia and impact lives positively on a daily and consistent basis.

Youth worker Alex Gales
discusses his involvement
a senior Youth Instructor
in the Amy Jacques Garvey
Institute Summer Jobs Programs.
He Helped teach the Youth Sign

Youth Worker Emmanuel Herring
discusses his experience as a
youth worker in the Amy Jacques
Garvey Institute Summer Program.

Amy Jacques Garvey Institute

Oath of Responsibility for African-American Youth

I will never bring disgrace upon my race by any unworthy deed or dishonorable act. I will live a clean, decent, manly life; and will ever prospect and defend the virtue and honor of womanhood; I will uphold and obey the just laws of my country and of the community in which I live, and will encourage other to do likewise; I will not allow prejudice, injustice, insult or outrage to cower my spirit or sour my soul; but will ever preserve the inner freedom of heart and conscience; I will not allow myself to be overcome of evil; but will strive to overcome evil with good; I will endeavor to develop and exert the best powers within me for my own personal improvement, and will strive unceasingly to quicken the sense of racial duty and responsibility; I will in all these ways aim to uplift my race so that, to everyone bound to it by ties of blood, it shall become a bond of ennoblement and not a byword of reproach